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At Lizten Hearing Hub, we take responsibility of the patient's improvement for their speech. Therefore we will be providing a " Parent - Therapist Session" followed by every Therapy classes.To see the improvement.

Speech Therapy Classes

At Lizten Hearing Hub, we conduct Speech therapy classes for kids and adults. A speech therapist can help with different kinds of speech difficulties as well as language issues like dyslexia, dyspraxia, delayed speech.

Hearing aid accessories

A hearing aid can be more effective with compatible accessories to make your life more joy full.Be it watching TV, Classroom or conference or outside in crowded area... accessories like Phone clip , Easy Tek, Hearing aid charger are available with us to make your journey comfortable.Apart from wireless accessories, Batteries , Ear tips, Dehumidifiers are also available in our clinic.


We at Lizten Heraing Hub understand that it is not always possible for some patients to get their hearing test done at our clinic. Therefore we are providing home visit services to make it convenient for the patient who are not able to come to us due to Old age problem or residing in a far place. We offer home visit for patient staying in Bhubaneswar.

Hearing Aids Servicing

Hearing aid is a small electronic device that you wear in or behind the ear.Lizten Hearing Hub advises its customers to take good care of their hearing aids so that it can work for many years and minimize the potential problem during daily can avail 4 times Free Servicing within the 2 years of the purchase of hearing aids.

Hearing aid fitting

A successful hearing aid fitting is more than just selecting the correct device for your hearing needs. The hearing aids need to be properly fitted to your ears so that they provide the correct amount of amplification to maximize hearing aid benefit.

Hearing aid Consultation

The first step in the process toward improved hearing ability is a consultation with a professional that specializes in hearing, known as an audiologist. The audiologist will begin with a medical and hearing difficulty history, followed by examination of the ears and a thorough evaluation of hearing abilities.During your hearing aid consultation appointment, the audiologist will explain your hearing loss and discuss the various hearing aid styles, the latest technological advances, and what to expect from your hearing aids. You will work together with the audiologist to determine which hearing aids are the most appropriate for your individual lifestyle and listening needs. Depending on the style chosen, impressions of your ears may need to be taken so that your hearing aids can be custom fit. A deposit may be collected for your hearing aid order, and a hearing aid fitting appointment will be scheduled.

Audiometry Tests

We conduct following test : *Pure tone Audiometry test: Pure-tone audiometry is a behavioral test used to measure hearing sensitivity.Hearing sensitivity is plotted on an audiogram, which is a graph displaying intensity as a function of frequency.* Impedence Audiometry test :The primary purpose of impedance audiometry is to determine the status of the tympanic membrane and middle ear via tympanometry. The secondary purpose of this test is to evaluate acoustic reflex pathways.