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1Q. What is the sign of HEARING LOSS ?

1A). - Difficulty while listening through Phone or mobile - Trouble in hearing , when there is noise in back ground - Finding difficulty in one is talking in group - Giving more attention to understand a conversation - Do you keep asking people to repeat themselves - Do you find difficulty in understanding children or women’s voice - Ringing or tinnitus problem in the ear

2Q. Is hearing loss curable?

2A). There are different kinds of Hearing loss – Example – •   Conductive hearing loss •   Sensorineural hearing loss •   Mixed hearing loss and •   Auditory Neuropathy For sensorineural and mixed hearing loss – It’s not curable , but it can be treated by providing hearing aids

3Q.Why do I need a hearing aid:

3a). Hearing aid can increase listening range. b) It helps in reducing listening efforts. c) One can listen to TV and music with others in normal volume. d) one can listen to others and respond properly. e) It increases mental satisfaction, self confidence and social connectivity.

4Q.Will a hearing aid restore my hearing loss?

4A) unfortunately the answer is no. Hearing aid cannot restore the loss, but with regular use, it can preserve the further loss.

5Q.What kind of services are provided by Lizten hearing hub ?

5A). Following services are offered at Lizten Hearing hub- Pure tone Audiometry Impedence Audiometry Demonstration and counseling about hearing loss and hearing aids Fitting of Hearing aids Dispensing branded hearing aids and its related accessories Servicing of hearing aids. Home visit service provided Speech Therapy

6Q. When some one needs Speech therapy ?

6A). Following are the sign of speech disorder, which can be treated by speech therapy Repeating Sounds, stuttering. Adding Extra sounds and words Elongating words Making jerky movements while talking Blinking several times while talking Visible frustration when tring to communicate Taking frequent pauses when talking Distorting sounds when taking Hoarseness or speaking with a raspy or gravelly sound.

7Q. What kind of speech therapy cases Lizten hearing hub is handling:

7A) Austism, cerebral palsy, MR, APHASIA, SYSARTHIA- dysarthia, Learning disability