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LIZTEN HEARING HUB PVT.LTD Came Into Existence In March 2019, at Bhubaneswar city. Our motto to improve the quality of life of those who are facing challenges due to hearing loss and speech loss by providing them, the latest technology and techniques in the related field. Hearing aids products has been well designed to suit one’s lifestyle for all age group and necessity in daily life. We also aim to create awareness in the society about how to take good care of ear and improve speech.


Hearing loss and speech loss problems have been ignored most of the times, because one can convey their matter to others by the use of sign language and at the same time, they understands others by act of lip reading.


Most of the people are not aware that hearing loss is a continuous process and cannot be regained once the hearing loss gets started to happen, it will gradually drops until and unless medical help is taken.  Sometimes, hearing aids are supportive after hearing loss dropped to a certain point. In some cases hearing loss leads to speech related disorder.


Lizten hearing hub will not only provide you help with the latest hearing aids, expert professionals, well equipped machinery and personal counseling sessions which will regain your confidence towards life but also you can experience a pleasant ambiance, professionalism, cooperation and prompt response which will strengthen the trust level between you and us.

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To provide awareness about "hearing loss and speech disorder" in the society.

And bring joy to their lives by bringing innovative technology and techniques with an affordable price.


As a company to provide the "Best Customer Services"